Wedding dresses 2018

Wedding dress styles have varied throughout the decades. Typically, wedding dresses draw on styles that reflect the fashion of the day. In today’s fashion climate, any style is yours to call your own. In the past you can see some of the most unique and beautiful fashion designs in wedding dresses. Here are some fabulous designs from the past that still reverberate decades later.

Flapper Wedding Dresses

In the popular English television series Downton Abbey, both Lady Mary, and Lady Edith head to the altar in the 1920′s. This time frame was one of understated elegance in fashion. Brides, like women everywhere, aimed for a look designed to give them a long, almost boyish figure. This type of design often features a dropped waist, long sleeves, and skirts that skim the toes, but do not reach for the floor. Flapper wedding dresses are ideal for the modern day bride who likes dresses that do not disguise the lower calf, and help create lean lines.

Grace Kelly, Princess Bride

One of the most famous wedding dresses ever created was that of Grace Kelly. Kelly worked with top Hollywood designers to turn a few yards of fabric, into every woman’s fantasy dress when she married Prince Ranier of Monaco. Her beautiful dress incorporated layers of luxurious fabric, lace sleeves, and a full waist. This timeless look can serve as a starting point for a modern gown intended to show off a bride’s perfect hourglass figure.

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70′s Inspired Bohemian

The turbulent time of the sixties and seventies in the United States was also a time for exploration in fashion. Fashion forward wedding dress designs from this time utilize unique fabrics and textures like crocheted details and a downplay of lace. The figures often pulled in at a high waist, sometimes right under the bust, for a figure fitting of bohemian style. Pulling from this time period gives you an easy and effortless style for your wedding day.

Lady Diana’s Divine Dress

Lady Diana became perhaps the most recognized figure of her era the day she married Prince Charles. Her sumptuous creation used an appropriate princes neckline, with an extra layer of lace, a clearly defined waist, sleeves that were full and ended at the elbow, and a thick skirt edged in lace. Diana’s dress became an instant icon, one that is still recognizable to many people today even decades later. Today’s bride can adapt Diana’s dress for use today to help bring attention to an attractive bust line, and show off one’s tiny waist.

A wedding dress isn’t just a dress. A wedding dress can also help bring back memories of a very happy day. Wedding dresses from the past still speak to us today to tell us stories of the brides who wore them. Think about the kind of wedding dress that still inspires you right now, to help find a look you will cherish forever. Talk to designers like Elizabeth Johns, and sales associates to get a taste of how these classic styles are being made more modern.